(butch walker & chrystina lloree)

When I woke up in the morning my lover was gone.
I had a voice in my head 20 feet long.
Ohio river's where you need to go.
That's where they took a jump to save their soul.

The banks are sketchy and they're covered in clay.
So be careful where you walk and be careful what you say.
'cause the people are listening to everything you do.
And they wont think twice about sinking you.

This is where we hide.
Down on the bottom, down on the bottom.
Well the water is kinda zoomy and my head is full of mud.
And the skies are always gloomy forming rainy clouds.
And the voices get closer with every step you take.
Closer to the edge, that's where you'll break.

Well your looks a little strange and you look a little red.
Were you careful where you walked? 
And were you careful what you said? 
Back to the river is where you need to go.
That's where I took a jump to save my soul.