Pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up the phone
Yo, can?
Hey, no, I was saying because he is so fine
I don't even know what to do
I was gonna ask him if he wants to go eat something
But I don't even know where to go
I've lost my bloody mind
He's fine fine, like, Ralph Angel Queen Sugar fine
Wait a minute, I'm gonna call you right back

Oh what you waitin' for? (What you waitin' for?)
It's you I've been waitin' for (It's you I've been waitin' for)
I may slip up and just give you something (Give you something)
I already slipped up and then gave you something
Are you trippin' on nothin', I just wanna
Just wanna talk to you
Just about anything
And you got me making excuses
Just to be closer, see
And I wonder if you are too
Thinking the same damn thing
When about this time next year

I still want us to be together, ooh yeah
I still want us to be forever, ooh yeah, yeah