If you look at me with pure eyes
You’ll be loved and not petrified
It’s a frozen rage
You should now explore
To behold the night of Medusa’s eyes

In the mirror’s land
Now I’m the dark
Where the light escapes my sight
I’m the hidden truths behind the sun
I’m the sword that tears
Your illusions

An ivy maid
A dream girl
Or a frightening spell,
In this yore
Where the mist veils the moonlight
You can see my serpent
Haired, fearfull monster
Rapin’ again all your dreams

Gaze at my eyes
The love you’ve never found
Gaze at my eyes
In my charm you will be bound
Gazin’ me, watching me,
Take your chance on sex tonight
Gaze at my eyes
Our love will find a way

I’m the wind that blows
Running wild through the woods
Frozen rage you should now follow
With my eerie eyes I’ll petrify you
And I won’t efface my traces

Like a wolf I will divorced your flesh
Like a raven I’ll bite your spirit
And this is my yell-storm,
This is my curse
Call me ivy of desires

Gaze at my eyes
Medusa is my name

Gaze at my eyes
I’m your mercy and your revenge
Gazin’ me, watching me
I’ll give pleasure lost in pain
Gaze at my eyes
Medusa is my name