I watch the sunlight fade into darkness
And silence fills the village and the sea
I raise my hands towards the heavens
To beg them end my agony
Smell the scent of my burning flesh
Everytime I touch a crucifix
I scream, I beg, I curse, I pray
And the sorcerer steps into my way.

And down here
at the crossroad of heaven and hell
The sorcerer purrs me another keg of wine
How he knew
I will never understand
But he's whispering slowly
The way to my magic land.
Follow the moonlight into the forest
You must speak to the elder elf
Climb your way to the mountains of ice
Look for your strength in your inner self
Lead your steps in the magic cave
Remember the words that find the key
Fight the demon, sit on the throne
And read the scroll of stone.

" Copila mea, cand vei fi la necaz, gandeste-te la mine
si vocea mea va birui timpul si spatiul
pentru a-ti veni in ajutor."