I wanted your heart 
For the last time 
I want to be in your bed 
I want your words 
To colour all that's been said 
I will love you when the devil is blind
I wanted your heart 
You didn't want mine 

This is as close as I get 
As I ever get 
Falling for things 
I never thought 
I'd find myself 
Falling for 
As close as I get 
Old ladies on the pavement 
In the dense and empty hours 
All as hard as nails 
And brittle as pressed flowers 
I was cold at an equally cold place 
A cigarette between the flame and my face 
You were laughing 
Like the goon squad in my heart 

This is as close ... 

I wanted your heart 

What do you think about 
What I think about! 
Truths that are lies 
When you spell them out 
Don't worry 
Don't betray the slightest emotion 
Yes I know 
It's a separate emotion 
As close as I get