Is ya with me?
Girl, you're my whole world
Yah, Yah
Is ya with me?
And if so, this is your to let you know
Baby, this is worth your time
And if you could, let me make your heart mine
Yeah, yeah

If I could wake up tomorrow and you are in my arms
Oh I, I would tell everybody, yeah
Only way that this could happen, is if you come home with me tonight
I would make you at bay, yeah

Is you and me alone, will I put on a song
You got me going, so I whisper in your ear

Is ya with me?
Cause everytime I see you I know
You are the lady of my dreams, eh
Is ya with me?
Pull my hand and let me guide you
You got me feeling so weak, eh
Baby, this worth your time
And if I could, let me make your heart mine

Down from the start, a heart, foot to the dance
Sent for me, meant for me, make, make me good band
Walk by my side, never leave me alone
Even when I was wrong, never leave me alone
Love, love, affection, sense of direction
Let you be my angel, I'll be your protection
Tip it slow, dip it slow, YOLO for the dough
Me plus you too, plus two, that's four
Never more, yo, yo

See I've been running, woman, wondering if to let you go
Cause everytime I think we good it's like you let me on
And yeah we love, we fight, we share, we cry, we get it on
But it feels like love is your career and I'm yor stepping stone
But you're my only (only one), I'm only hoping that you get it
The only (only one), I mean so open, I regret it
So I'm asking you this one last time