I've been trying to talk to you, but you won't listen

What it is, what it do
Let me spit something to you
What we have is a lot, and we knew it but we liked it
Besides it was bound to fall apart in time
So let it wither while we dyin' starin' into eachothers eyes
Pretend, that's fine with me, no offense
But time will heal, let me try atleast
I'm on hands with this shit and your constant bitching give me migraine
I'm tryin' to get out of here but can't
Let another man get down with sweetness, nah
You too fine for that, yo
And you notice, I'm looking at her motherfucking Cause that body you get, 
You're so hard to read
Oh wow
Can't understand a word of what it mean
No no
You're so hard to read, to me, can't understand a word you speak
You're so hard to read baby, can't say the words I wanna hear
You make hurt inside that's why you got to leave
Don't want to waste my time and we can't seem to find a way out this rhytm
I tried but you didn't, hard to read

I stepped up, not for you one to talk
So I wrote down these words, I'll tell 'em if you walk with me
I hate it when we part ways, something like a dark age
I just want you to find a spark with me
Like, I just start to stutter, I'm letting down my guard
I'm hard, but I'm butter
Why won't you talk to a brother, let go's
Like everytime you I'm giving you my hand, you get cold
If I'm the car, you're the petrol
But everytime we talk it's like I'm slippin' on wet floor
I'm trynna correct wrongs, girl you a part of me
You my heart why you so fucking hard to read?

I can't say that we actually have fun
We never had a moment of clarity, we was that drunk
Whenever you started shit I had to laugh
Cause ain't nobody talking to me, I'm out that door
You hard to read, and that's so
We never matched so ain't a damn thing we can do
It was in-fucking-evitable, but'a, it was in-fucking-credible
Baby don't preach, but I confess to you in need
I had to leave, cause you weren't ready for me
I know we had a good run though
And I hate it when the good get done, but'a
I'm thinking it's best we part ways, I been trynna tell you, but