This is for my thugs
Quick to throw slugs
Never was, push and shove
Gang bangin' drug dealers
Hoo-bangin' mug (niggaz)
Penitentiary love (niggaz)

I was raised Q-S'ing, shootin' through your vest and
Quick to redrum and hit water when I'm stressing
Was set, and if I don't, they know who done it
Cuz out of bound (niggaz), they get killed on the 400
Killa ki's off blood, no debatin' or contemplatin'
I got a stock 64 that's waitin' on these Dayton's
So trip if ya wanna, catch ya slippin', you'se a goner
And respect the street signs next time you're bankin' corners

Do what I say once, don't make me say it twice
Just give me what I want and everything'll be alright
I'm gettin' it while the gettin' is good
And if you was in my shoes, I know that you would
I got expensive habits, I'm buyin' bud by the pound
Since dub S-C D, everybody wanna be down
We hoo-bangin' on the white and the blue collars
We rollin' Benz-o's and Lex-o's by the dollars

Woo woo, blue flag tied on my face
In a twin turbo Porche with a glock in my waste
Woo woo, if it's a problem we gon' squeeze 'til empty
We used to flip it on T, but now we flip it on Woo woo, ain't no (nigga) harder than me
Hit the yard harder than me, got the yay harder than me
Woo woo, thug (niggaz) rule the earth
We on The Source in Dickies throwin' up the turf

I know how to do things one way, and that's illegal
Pullin' two and murders out a primed gray Regal
I was taught to get in and out, do what I do fast
Sigh, call up that (bitch) dog, and hit rub on they ass
Next week I'm in Vegas like Dan Tanna, and I
Wipe my finger prints off with my bandana
Make sure it's all clean, then fled the scene
I keep it cold blooded, mean
And do it all for the green

system, mine's control
Pockets on swole and I'm fresh off parole
It ain't no limit to my mashin'
I got weed, caviar, and money in my stash
And laughin', blastin' wit my foot on the gas
And movin' fast and it's all about the cash
And havin' cheddar, with that 23rd letter
Nobody do it better, you know better, you do better (nigga)

Get around in the penitentiary
Born in, drinkin' Hennessy (cousin)
But he no kin to me (cousin)
But he friend to me 
Down since elementary, with (niggaz) with tattoos
Kidnapped moves and jack moves, crack rules
In the urban area, servin' crackers with ready rock
Bassheads plague in every spot cuz it's very hot
In the ghetto, we're wetter, we're rockin' Karate like Mister Miaki
Afford Gionni Versace, and wide bodies with the V's on 'em
Chromes with G's on 'em, she's on the left cuz he's on 'em
Some say that I'm loc'd and I'm wild 
Because I made my bread with coke and a smile
I ain't loc'd in a while
I'm hittin' corners in heels and caronas
Squeezin' lime inside of Carona's with Ramona from Arizona
And I'm smokin' on a [?], paid in the worst way
Real (niggaz) spill a little liquor to the dirt man

[Repeat 1]