What's up? This Mac muthaf*ckin' Dre
On behalf of the Romp and Strictly family
We gon' let this beat ride on out for my homeboy The Mac
My muthaf*ckin' potna
Gunned down; case of mistaken identity, mayne
I can't understand it—shit
But now, much love, cuddie, R.I.P.—f*ck

Yeah, this is no other, yeah, your muthaf*ckin' brother

LOFAS, right down the street, me and you, homie
Rest in Peace, mayne—much love
We'll take care of your daughter, mayne
From the Strictly family, Romp Productions
And this is Touchup, mayne—and I'm out

*scratched* “Much love…”
“Much love for the hardest in the crew
But who in the crew will be here in '92?”