Ayy, Whats goin on,It's your partner back in here,
One more time, 
Servin it, cuz you deservin it 
Ya know I've been gone for a long time,
Put it down somethin special

The game I spit is fat like Oprah,
Got more soul than deep fried Oklah,
Dope like China White
Not like dynamite,
Blowin up the spot cuz dude, I'm kinda tight,
Raps flow fat like beer from cake taps,
Slap them saps and give dabs to big mac,
Seasoned veteran this game I'm indulgin,
Pockets bulgin from bankin trojans,
Love my grip but don't trip off ghetto freaks,
Kill for skrill but chill deep in them ghetto streets, 
Dodge and duck when police chase me,
Sharp as Fuuuck, cuz OGs lately,
Me and my mic is like gin and soko, 
Dunk and yako,
Foot in sock oooh, you didn't know
Well peep this mane,
And recognize Mac Dre is the name,
I step to the mic with intent to lace those,
Who lack the nack to mac stack and break hoes
I come raw,
But keep it oh so real,
I got the kind of game to make a female kill,
And I go deep up in some chassey,
Doggy style like that mutt called lassey,
They all chase me, like cat chase mice,
And I play them, like fools play dice,
I'm what is known as the play B-O-Y,
Some people trip cuz Dre be so fly,
I stay dipped like them fools from G-Qs,
Step into the party and they all say he's cool,

My lyrical content is deep like a good book,
I serve flavor, just like a good cook,
Grab a mic and ill at a party,
Rap so good I send chills through your body,
Rhyme style,
Tight like coochie, rolled like sushi, funky like voot said,
And top notch is what they rate Dre,
Cuz I got more rhymes than food at Safeway,
So make waaay, 
For the M-A-C,
As I put the Crest Side on the M-A-P,
I got more game than that fool cat, say Jack,
I'm a G, a player from waay back,
Skill superior, far from inferior, 
Got the pimp shell with the gangsta interior,
And with the broads I'm smooth as suave son,
And when it's funk I get the job done,
So don't underestimate the great Mac,
Cuz I make raps, and pimp to make laps,
I hate saps,
Can't stand a smurf, definition of smurf,
Sucka mark in a church,
I purr, 
Off cavasi yak,
Slightly heated with a gram on yeah,
Never hesitate to put game in a tight rap,
Mac Dre is the name, and I like that