(Left Coolio - Right Mac Dre) (Mac Dre's Rap Both)
But now it could be like this though
As am I on, as am I on
Ah yeah, am on
(times are getting crazy)
In the place to spizzay
Mac young motherf*cking drizzay
All damn dizzay haha

A times are getting kinda crazy for people though
Times are getting hectic
A times will slow down on they punk ass though
Times is crazy
Come on
(spit out to the fool like this ya know)
Come on Mac Dre
Spit it out for em' then baby boy
(some'at dope)
As they get crazy and wet tho'
(check it out)
Times is crazy as a motherf*cker

Times are getting crazy
The grind is getting lazy
So instead of grinding
I got this bitch that pays me
Pockets fat
The jealous got me strapped
I'ma cold crest creeper
With a gift to rap
Born in the O
In 1-9-7-0
An ever since then I been soaking game ho
Now my game is strong
The dollars come long
Not only from a bitch
But from a rap song
Suckas stay back cause they know am not weak
Especially when they hurry in the 9 o'clock beat
From the V-P-D
I steady get harassed
I'm staying black and white to the motherf*cking task
They steady sweating me
They ain't letting me
Live my young life
They smooth rejecting me
Because a young brothers from a black minority

They wanna locking him down in the youth authority
Honkey please I'm out to stack G's
Flip me a yacht to cruise the seven seas
A Benz with the hump
That beats good
A drop top Jag or a damn Fleetwood
Caddy fool a nigga wants to roll
Straight high side with his pockets swole
Cause money makes the world go around
That's why on the mic
Ya hear me throwing down
I get paid made cool in the shade
With a big fat spliff and a gang of boolay
To get tipsy or should i say perkt
Times are getting crazy
Am gonna go berserk
Jealous mothef*ckers wanna keep me at the bottom
Cause funky fresh rhymes you know I got 'em
And jealous fools way older than twenty
Wanna sweat me cause they broke
Man they must be own rennies
Sweating a young brother only seventeen
If ya live in the Crest man ya know what i mean
They don't want to grow up
Shit is making me sick about to throw up
Listen to the games i put in my jams
'Cause times is getting crazy for a young black man
Living the life with a felony record
And if ya try to get a job
Ya smooth get rejected
Come on my brother let's get some get right
Get it together and get ya shit right
Cause times are getting crazy
Times are getting crazy
Times are getting crazy
Times are getting crazy