Wake the hell up, take your shower
We finna KMEL up for the next four hours
Coffee in the kitchen getting ready for work
Partner don't listen, better your smirk
Can't be yelling for shit, you don't play it you're loco
Especially from seis to ocho
I'm posted in that bumper to bumper
why don't you play me a slumper
I'm never on time, always late
On the Bay Bridge or the Golden Gate
We're feeling great, and ew-we
Get stewie with the cutty Chuy
Look at that fool in the car with the seat jumping
He must be bumping what we bumping

If Chuy ain't playing, boy it ain't right
It's like a scrape thing without the whistle pipe
Mac Dre and Chuy don't F with them of brands
'Cause Chuy in Quentin on the yard on the Walkman
He the bossman, jerk
One hundred and six point one megahertz
At work everybody loving him
A little (scratch sound) from DJ Double M
I'm "Stupid Doo Doo Dumb", gon' grow dreads
And come light one with Chuy Gomez

Hey, go, go, go Chuy
Go, Go Chuy
Go Chuy, get stewie
Go Chuy, get stewie
Mac Dre, 106.1 KMEL what the hell?