With pure innocence in heart she walks through the woods, 
Her long coat embraces her like raven wings. 
Cold steel in her hands, a red thin trace 
Follows her steps through the snow. 
In this cold world of hypocrisy she’s a true word. 
In the nights, one hidden place 
His arms covered her, protected her 
Forbidden love 
In the nights, the silent nights 
Ebony found ivory 
A perfect fusion, unperfect end 
Old tree-trunks hide the senseless tragedy 
Of a young despaired girl 
Only heaven cries 
But life still goes on a few yards away 
In the old grey abbey which was home 
Now her lips remain closed and the white skin is cold 
Oh look what condemnation brought. 
He could not help her 
He was already dead 
Banned in a picture 
A hundred years old