I still can't believe
That I'm not all alone
I still doubt it...

I couldn't even see myself
Until I met you

I used to walk all by myself
And I didn't even see this blinding light before me
I was scared to hold you all in my arms

I miss you I can still see
I love you your eyes

I'm going to fight my way through
Life is all about fighting and hurting
...That's what I believed
until the day I met you
Even if we got hurt on the way,
our love was still strong
I want to keep on embracing
this dream that's not going to end just yet

I miss you I know that someday
I love you your wound will heal

I love you so
Love Song Together
So I'm never going to let you go

I want to keep on believing
That I'm not all alone
Even if we can't be together like before

If you ever miss me,
Just gently hold this song to your heart...

I miss you We'll make this dream happen again
I love you ...someday

So I want to deliver this Love Song together with you
I wanted to be there by your side...
Yes, I still love you
Love Song Together
And No, I will never forget you

... and your love.

Love Together.