i called your name on the greyest day. you're the only 
one who ever listened anyway. and it taught me something 
i guess i already knew. i still want you. cause we 
touched like my dream come true, that the tree beside my 
father's hosue would bloom and fill his yard up with its 
sweet perfume and hide the scars i carved in its arms for 
you. i make mistakes, then i'm on my way. lock him out 
and the dog will finally stray, join the vandals, they 
just want to be listened to. they just want proof. but i 
have been a liar and a fool. i can forget anyting i want 
to except for the image of you in your bedroom where your 
body lies but your eyes can't hide the truth. the night i 
left, come on, you were grateful for the news. you never 
wept, just undressed and slept til noon. a secret kept it 
a lover left unmoved, and so i lose. i can't balance my 
brain, its like a tightrope come loose. i'm tied to the 
train tracks like a desperate cartoon. or i'm bare and 
i'm blank, if i could pray i would thank saint jude. a 
lost cause too.