the highway is a sorry scene. i'm freezing in the 
passenger seat. i didn't want to leave so i just kept on 
drinking. at first we were nervous, but you say all the 
words that change the way my world turns, then it's bye 
bye, baby, bye bye bye. parked now in a motel lot, i'm 
staring through the window fog at some new day that i 
don't want when i could be waking to your dawn. but i'll 
go back to Boston, a silent apartment, but for sirens, 
alarms, and little sad songs. your fucked up family 
history makes me wish i was a transparency, i'd move 
about your life unseen and make sure you were treated 
right. cause your eyes flash with kerosene, and your lips 
are horses running. oh let me be the ground beneath, when 
we kiss you can run away on me. cause my heart's been 
humming, and reaching for something to keep it running 
when the drives are so long. and you brought boxes, you 
brought crates of feelings i'll have to orchestrate, but 
i'll make room and find a pace, even if you never meant 
to stay. cause there's space here where i sing, out in 
the junkyard of emotion, where i pour myself over 
everything, i'll pour myself over your bare skin like 
boiling water, this orphan-eyed daughter, this cannon-
fodder, come on.