all your lovers form a circle that sparkles in the 
street. they hold their hands up to the sky in a gesture 
of defeat. if they could find out what it is that could 
make you feel complete, they would hold it to the sky as 
an offering. oh they remember how you came around that 
night in summer rain. they held your face at arm's length 
and said the stars spelled our your name. but you just 
stared up at the starry sky and said, "what's the use? 
another point of light that i can look up to? i've seen 
it every night, it offers nothing new. no answers. no 
solutions. just an endless muse. these stars and 
satellites we just pour our wishes through. but i need 
something here that i can hold onto". so your buried 
seeds in handmade graves, in little rows they were layed, 
then wondered why no flowers came to grow out of their 
resting places. and also you recall wanting not to rise 
so you wouldn't fall. but it doesn't make us whole to 
stay unbroken. so now we've got a plan, we'll only fall 
into good hands that will lift us til we stand and let us 
hold to them. so i'll think of you tonight from where i'm 
laying, on the couch at my friend's house where i am 
staying. a thousand miles away from you, my darling. i 
wish i could hold you tight, it's cold and starry. but 
i'll look out of the window and come calling to tell you 
that tonight our stars are falling...