the bed will be there when i get home, but will you? like 
a spool come undone, everything with us is loose. hold my 
face and pull me to our shoulder. today i've gotten 
older, today i've gotten older. i tried to take my mind 
off things but i'm leaving now, i'm leaving now instead. 
cause i don't trust that there won't be another string of 
manic freak-outs, if i stick around. come on i know 
myself by now. it's not an easy realization to come to, 
i'm not the best thing for you. i'm not the best thing 
for you. so i will send myself to sleep for you, and 
dream of a door that you'll step trhough. and i will sit 
here and drink for you, cause i can't think of anything 
else left to do. come on, i know myeslf by now. come on i 
know myself that well. the bed is soft but my ears are 
ringing, and you took off while i was still singing. i 
just wanted to be close to what you keep hid from those 
who don't love you. your eyes, your eyes, your eyes, your 
eyes, tonight could bring a dead deer back to life. and 
i'm a dead deer tonight.