is it strange that I counted the rhythm
from the sound of your feet on the stairs
that I traded a part of my soul for a lock of you hair
is it strange that you want me to notice
is it strange that my heart you command
just say the word that you want this tonight
and I'll steal the keys to the promise land
she came down in the pouring rain
she came down we were never the same
hypnotized by how it feels
to light the fire that turns the wheel
she came down in a London park
she came down like a light in the dark
hypnotized by how it feels
to light the fire that turns the wheel
is it strange that I drank from the water
in a dream that led me to your fair
is it strange that a storm of black eagles took me there
is it strange that shes locked in the tower
is it strange that she wants me to climb
is it strange in our darkest of hours
that she gave me the power to shine
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