Remember I told you in life and death
Don't bury our secrets, they will not tear us apart
Because love means going this far
Even when the ending is only the start
If you dive into the ocean then I
Will be the wave around you tonight
If you're sinking then oh, it's alright
'Cause I will be the ghost who is at your side
Remember your demons will surface and fight
But I will be a good phantom
And keep on romancing this cold little devil's tribe
And hold them away while you are escaping into the light
So tell me where you've gone by now
I'm getting no reception on my heart radio
Now, meet me where the angels collide
And I will be the ghost who is at your side, yeah
Now, I'm changing, I am changing
Now I'm changing for you, love
And when you dive into the ocean alive
Oh, I will be the ghost at your side
And if you fall into the devil's tribe
Oh, I will be the ghost at your side
And when anywhere the angels collide
Oh, I will be the ghost at your side
Now dive into the blinding light
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