They're building up big houses
Back behind the school
Where we used to drink
Our beer on Friday nights
And pretend that
We were lovers in your car

We can't afford to live there
So we drive on past their marble and glass
Hoping that this blue collar town of ours
Won't ever lose its balls

I was just a little girl
When your hand brushed by my hand
And I will be an old woman
Happy to have spent
My whole life with one man

Behind that school we found romance
We laid in the dirt and took off our shirts
While the lucky ones would fly away
On planes to other cities, other towns

Now they're building up houses
Big enough to lose your love
Big enough to never even see
One another in the dark

One man, one town is all I need
A simple plan to guide me
Through the simple life I lead

I have seen the ocean
And I have seen the sky
I do not need a big house
Or the ability to fly

We'll remember the summers
The crumbling town streets
Running from police
And acting like we'd leave this place
The minute we ever had the chance