Oh, okay
You remember the first song you ever wrote?
Yeah, the first song I ever heard
The first song you ever wrote
Oh, the first one I ever wrote?
The first song you ever wrote
The first song I ever wrote was, um
Whisperin' Sea, I think
What was your inspiration for Whispering Sea?
I was fishin'
And I had to get all these songs wrote in two days

So I wrote twelve of 'em
I said, "How many goes on an album?" I didn't even know
And they said, "Twelve"
And I said, "Well, I'll write 'em"
And I had 'em wrote in two days, and had 'em that week that we had, had it done
And, um, we didn't know how to get a, another band, you know, how to get some get somebody to record us
So, uh, Dolittle - 'cause Do would do all this stuff that I wouldn't have to worry about - and he got Speedy Wisp And from Speedy Wisp, Speedy went and got the other pickers

What did Dolittle think of your songs?
Oh, he said every one of 'em was a hit
Every time I'd write one
I'd, I'd sing it to 'I'm. He said, "That's a hit!"
Shoot. It was a hit and miss
Oh, Lord
Let it rip, boys