Come all you young people
And stand close around
And listen to the story
How Lulie Vars got drowned

She loved this young John Colier
Engaged to be his wife
He ruined her reputation
And then he took her life

They went to Elkhorn city
'Bout sixty miles away
He promised they would marry
And their secret it would stay

They went out for a little walk
Hand in hand they strolled
In the middle of December
And the wind was blowin' cold

They walked down by the river
Still water, it runs deep
She could tell by the way he looked at her
In the bottom she would sleep

She threw her arms around him
Beggin' for her life
"I'll go back to my mother
If I can't be your wife"

Poor Lulie, she went missin'
Nowhere could be found
They searched the country over
For miles and miles around

John Colier joined the army
Four months came and passed
In the bottom of that river
Her body was found at last

They took her from the river
To a nearby town
That railroad still around her [?]
Weighed about 30 pounds

When Lulie's mother got the news
She was sittin' in her home
She quickly left her chair
To bring her baby home

John Colier was arrested
Locked behind the bars
He'll spend his life payin'
For the murder of Lulie Vars