If you are dreaming that you entered Babylon
Or passed the silent gates that guard the highest hall
You are the kind of dreamer we would welcome here
We penetrate the Earth, our revelation near
Feel the Earth giving in
We want to open doors
And lead you to a different kind of time...
There was a story on the man who stood between
The good and evil, he was known for his conflict
That man would use you for his metaphoric needs
He'd make the ground below you disappear within
Are you ready to begin?
We do have to dig so much deeper somehow
Are you the one we really need?
You have to be ready to follow us deep down
Are you not feeling very well anymore?
Are you fed up with stories that you loved before?
Knowing that life is but a pale old dream
Reach the end of something that would never begin...
Sometimes the old man might not be wise after all
Search for a revelation, hidden in the rock?
You better start to use your reasoning again
I wonder if free will is harder to regain