When I was a boy, all alone
Could not go to sleep, I was afraid
Thinking to myself, I must sleep
Ordering myself: 'time to sleep
But the veil of sleep would not come
I would have to wait in my own dark room
Imagining the world full of horror
Looking through my blinds, reflecting all
Did you think that you could?
Take it in as you should?
Or did you end up crying?
Instead of dying trying...
Old man staring through the eyes of a child
Waiting in the mirror every time
He would always open wounds I was hiding
Horror, old trauma and the fear of dying
These are the ancient measures
The ingredients of nightmares
Expecting tainted pleasures
Receiving only pain
I was a random child
Selected to be taken
Bullied and then tortured
In the name of glory
Forced to scream your prayer
Repeating it ever louder
Filling more bags of powder
Until I dream of nothing
Now I connect the wires
Inhale the power of fire
Offer my living soul
disappear in a hole
'Do believe in our cause forever
And forever will I stand by your side
Powder and the flame are a priority
But you know just how much you mean to me...
There's a proper time for separation
And it's a perfect way to say goodbye
If the doubts arrive there's a prayer
It will help you be prepared to die
Through the valley of the shadow of death
You will need to hold your head up high
Repeat the prayer through your final breath
Eternal glory comes, and the final rest'
Written on the walls at the house of sorrow
You can find the names of those who burned
Greater yet, the pain in little drawings
I could not remain in that room
But children of that place remain with us
They illustrate the burden of our lies
And make us feel the hell of all those memories
Buried in the grave of the fireflies