You know she drives a brand-new unicorn
Ya know she won first-place in show
It's only right
She looks best in blue
And even if she blows my horn
Why it's just to let me know

It ain't right
Oh Lord it just won't do

If I call ya in the mornin'
If I call on ya now

Oh Jenny-Lynne
Let me in
Let me in
Oh Jenny-Lynne

I moved in from the city
Just a mile from where she lives
How'd it do?
Honey I'm new here
The countryside's so pretty
We ought to use what nature gives
Ain't it true?
Get it through
C'mon get it through, yeah

Can I go to the bar
To the bar, with you now?

Let me in

The Roman runs the county farm and
He's got his eyes on me
It's alright
It ain't nothing new
But he'd tie my hide up on the barn
If he found me here with you
So goodnight
I must bid adieu

Out the door down the hall
In my all-in-all

Thanks again
Thanks again