The ruling kind.
The warrior mind.
I don't buy your line.
The losing time.
The worrying why.
I don't believe your lie.
Deflated hype.
The startled type.
You're just an infant whine.
The great divide.
The kiss goodbye.
You're just the perfect crime.
The ruling kind.
The vicious mind.
Delete your kind, alright.
The leaving kind.
The wondering why.
I don't buy your lie.
The party line.
Mark your time.
You serve you term - you're gone.
Betraying type.
We're fed your tripe.
You're just a waste of space.
The smiling lie.
No reason why.
You piss on a perfect day.
the vicious kind.
The ruling mind.
Delete your mind, alright.
Delete your kind, alrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalright