I'm just a drifter, movin' around from day to day
I live out on the highway and sleep down in the subway when it rains
There once was a city girl who longed to love and hold me every night
But I had to run away and leave her to live my own life

I know the down and out, I've seen the way the people live
And I once had a doubt that maybe there was more we all could give
Then I got older and the wine and life lay heavy on my mind
And I'm not much wiser now, but thinkin' about it helps to pass the time
I'm a drifter

Been up, I've been down, I've been pushed around, still a drifter
Been got at 'n' fell flat and come back every time
No luck at the table, I've never been able to hang on to a dime
Still I find there's love in this heart of mine, oow

Now I'm on the back-streets, down with the beggars and the thieves
And I've seen the ladies who just lay about the city when it breathes
I long to be settled down, but know I'll keep on movin' 'til I die
And I never had a friend, I only caught the winkin' in her eye
Oow, I'm a drifter
Keep on, keep on driftin'
Always be a drifter