Slippin' on down into my easy chair
All the channel changes in the world out there
Rag and bone man is shoutin' the news
And you know I'll believe it
If you say that it's true

Still sittin' here watchin' as it all goes by
A thousand angles of our darkest side
A typical day, mind closed up in a box
Don't the world go 'round
The writing's on the wall

But the lines are all a mess
Horizontal ripples in a vertical stream
Any resemblance, living or dead
Is accidental, nothings as it seems

I'd be lyin', if I didn't ask why
I'd be lyin', if I let it go by
I could say it makes no difference how I try
But I, I'd be lyin'

There's no end to the means, a means to an end
When all you have is yourself as a friend
An angel's there, swept beneath your heart
The world before you
You can't look in it's face

Moire lights turn day for night
The blue dog singin' in the same blue rain
There's a lot in life I let slip away
It was compromise through idle eyes

Stretch your mind, not your hand
Makin' a list as you walk back the cat
I'd be dealin' in the wind