I don't know your f**kin thoughts but i can imagine them
If you want you can scream or you can go away
Noone listen to you or searches for you because
You are strange and now noone wait noone call 
You and like a lamb start to run entering in the headtide 
You can't swim with your hands or with your f**kin' legs 
And butt-pirates are on the alert and you must be 
Trained to recognize them bcause their brain is full of 
Shit but they always have the reason at their side 
As a puppy on the lead they scream you shut up! 
I want my space beetwen two rails 
You feel upset for my way of life Sooner or later i say 
Your f**kin' eyes glance in my direction your f**kin' 
Cold eyes unmoved indifferent eyes i'll come near you 
And i say you oh what a great man then i take my 
Friend and i'll point on your f**kin head then i No wait who are you now? 
Stop it i can't stop it You must wait i can't i can't 
I wanna f**k his f**kin eyes You wait maybe i listen i don't know