Flickering fire
A thirsty flame
Burning whispers
Repeating my name

A dying reminder
Igniting my worst
Leading me down
To an explosive burst

Like a candle out of time
When the wick is burning out

Leaving tension to a final hope
I have been here before, and I have grown
With the thoughts I can free when I'm alone

When I'm
At the bottom, right at the bottom
Where I grasp for a handle
At the bottom
Where I shine as bright as I can

I wanna let it out
I'm gonna let it out

Seeking conclusion
Unstable spark
Ready to leave
This welcoming dark

Taming the chaos
Inverted pain
Forging a key to unlock my chain
Freeing myself from the destructive reign

Back to where I once became
Stranded in the uncharted
Will I ever be the same?
Like the departed
I have started
To find my inner strength again