Now in this book there are a lot of stories about talking animals:
talking snakes, and birds, and fish;
and about people who try to communicate with them.

John Lilly,
the guy who says he can talk to dolphins,
said he was in an aquarium
and he was talking to a big whale
who was swimming around and around in his tank.
And the whale kept asking him questions ... telepathically.
And one of the questions
the whale kept asking was: "do all oceans have walls?"

You know, I've always thought
that one of the most serious defects
of the human body was that you couldn't close your ears.
You can't point them anywhere or close them,
they just sort of hang there on the sides of your head.
But an acupuncturist explained to me
that the pressure points in the ears are very important
because the whole body is represented right there in the ear.
The ears, he said, are vestigial fetuses,
little versions of yourself,
one male and one female,
and he showed me here's the lobe,
that's the miniature upside down head,
and this curve here is the spine,
and right here are the little genitals,
and that was when I went back to wearing hats.