It's a life-time from the leather stalls 
 The Berbers and bazaars 
 Down through every measured movement 
 In the making of the cars. 

 And it doesn't pay much 
 And it doesn't leave scars - on the outside, 
 All this way ? Toulouse 
 Another day ? Toulouse 

 You've come too far ? TouIouse. 
 And they give you the impression 
 It's all Monet and Braque 
 But the oil they squeeze on their palettes 

 They never use on this track, 
 And every extra filter 
 Is a fissure, is a crack ? on the inside. 
 And he walks in right behind you 

 As you both go punching in 
 And you both pick up your rivets 
 From an aluminium bin. 
 And he thinks what makes him different 

 Is the colour of his skin ? it's on the outside. 
 You've had their OAS 
 You've had their CGT 
 And no-one will be working here 

 When they bring in CNC