Looking at the water 
 Through the spaces of an iron-ore train 
 The water eddies 'round the rushes 
 And Eddie's round at my house, insane. 
 The breakers in the distance 
 Cut the air like the crackle of a CB rig. 
 They found a crack in Eddie 
 And they tore it down, and snapped him like a twig. 
 His head is full of Goose Green 
 Tastes the smoke from the damp grass, well alight 
 And Eddie's waiting for the choppers 
 And he goes on waiting long into the night. 
 And I thought I heard a voice 
 Didn't someone here just whisper, "Rejoice". 
 The harbour's filled with newsmen, 
 Little boats go bobbing, like a Dunkirk repeat 
 To a train ride and a welcome 
 And "Well done, Eddie" right across the street. 
 The water's grey and choppy 
 On the Lake out by the fairground big wheel. 
 We could circle it forever 
 But we?d never guess the way that Eddie feels