No history
No repent
No surrender
No descent

No commandments on the wall
No god, no rules to scare you all

I’m here to take you forwards
You gotta kill your stupid fears

You got your whole life
You’ll need a sharp knife
Don’t wait

Cut through the system’s rules
Less is more for the fucking fools
If you wanna take the prize
You got a world to fight
Go on

Some rhythms must remain
Unbroken riots in reverse
You take the front line
I’ll find a good rhyme
Get to it

Don’t cycling to faking scores
The base is solid and in place
Just take the first cut
We’ll get the time right
Don’t wait

Use the wisdom of ancient sages
Call out for heroes
Who will be the creed
Of a new political faith

Use the language of misunderstanding
Disguise it
Occupy Wall Street
And judge the intentions of those we don’t trust