Supreme magnetic Green grab get it
Skimask panic Chief athletic
UZI blow, Superbowl
The game's to be sold Blood in my veins is trained to be cold
'86 Gucci, the chain'll be gold
2016 a dick in every mouth of these hoes
La Coka Nostra motherf*cker
It's the life that we chose
Peep the concrete jungle holocaust
Combustible tomahawks and molotovs
Welcome to the monster's ball
The worst is yet to come
Hold the microphone like stone
Vocal tone chrome
Spit it like a lava lamp explode
And pasteurize your pain
Granulate your hate
Amputated saint
Shakes a cup full of random change
Standing in the rain, speaking truth
Listen close, your life depends on it
f*ck moving mountains, let's break reality and bend logic
f*ck the streets, life's bigger than that
And death's watching
Use my bare hands to intercept rockets
Spit on my cock bitch

Your prayers will never be heard at all
So what you praying for?
I'm the one you let burn to the ground and fall
That's what you waiting for
Don't wait for nobody
Save yourself I'mma fight when they find me
Don't wait for nobody
Save yourself cause I'm waging war

Every breath in the mic is pestilent
The message is strife
We mastered the dark,
It's effortless to step in the light
With the massacred heart of warriors impeccable mic
A world war we got the weapons to fight
The story of the deception and resurrection of Christ
Judas kiss and betrayal
But who exists in this tale
So we learn a notorious lesson in life
Ruthlessness wears a veil
That truth lies beneath so who should prevail
It's like the sight of red
Violent visions living right inside his head
The weight of faith is heavy
But it's lighter than a spider's web
Side effects psychiatric drugs
Where does he hide 'em next
Crashing down a flight of steps
Laughing at the sight of death
Staring in the face of evil
Truly believers
Students underneath the tutelage of Julius Caesar
So I live among the vicious and I'm ruling legions
Inspired by fire but trust me I'm as cool as a freezer