Satanic cannibal rituals, human soup
Pop like a Uzi shoot, blizzards of Oz
Ruby shoes and yellow bricks
Groovy green ganja, pain, p*ssy, hoes, Tootsie Rolls
Show you how that white powder p*ssy sold
Homie, we the master level
In other words we gonna last forever
In a life-long dance with the devil
My DNA's survival is adapt and evolve
We shot you, another rapper get clapped in they car
f*ck drama and schemes, pull the Dalai Lama and squeeze
Shamans and sleaze, bathe in your blood and dry in the breeze
On my throne, emperor, death galore, death to all
Decapitated heads on totem poles paraded through the poor
Righteous professors surrounded by a trifle deception
Crucify me like Christ when he died for redemption
Die for your sins, like a Phoenix I rise from the dead
Born from the last drop of sweat on a dying man's head
I could complain but who'd listen?
Is your mind a time machine or a prison?
Motherf*ck the world, Goliath and the system
Trust nothing, worshipping violence called belligerence
f*ck love, just find me a hole to stick my pistol in

Couple neck deep in my hatred till the day that it drowns me
You don't love it? Don't say shit just get the f*ck around me
I've been a dickhead every since legit
You just a dick for taking a risk on something that wasn't a lick
Criminology 101 the realest shit
Allow me to introduce you to who you dealing with
Supreme example on how to live your life wrong
You're only chasing dreams till you catch her on the right song
Poof goes the magic bunch of talking cunts
I swear it was more fun walking home getting jumped
By my so-called friends that's why I'm so f*cked up
And that's why The Coka's the only brand I trust
Just, tell the bodyguard at Comic-Con to watch it
They think cause I draw comics, I won't jump in the mosh-pit
And rock shit, what? Take my badge
Only thing you gonna be doing is kissing my white ass, fool

Ain't no tomorrow
Just Now or Never
They fiending for the raw
So they down for whatever
They used to say never
But now they done switched
You need another hit?
Yeah this that shit

Ain't no tomorrow
Just Now or Never
They fiending for the raw
So they down for whatever
They need it so bad that they scratching at they throats
You know what they hook though that's that coke

You better learn to swim
I wanna see the earth burst into flames
And smell it burn your skin
Murder merchants serving a purpose in the churches
Would never let me in again and kiss the serpent
As it perches around my neck
Yelling at pedestrians and howling at the full moon
Never held accountable for what I do when I'm in that state
And you don't like the sound of that hate
I gotta say goodbye but I'll wait
The time is now, violent as a fired-up crowd
Fighting back against the government for trying to shut us down
I'm so close to killing myself under the goalpost
At Gillette Stadium during the game to make you all go loco
So po-po don't got enough mojo
When a thousand angry fans beat each other's face in slow-mo
Now that's entertainment isn't it? (YES!)
The circus of America visit it! (DEATH!)

I know the ledge flip the switch, I can pull the lever
The true forces are at odds but they go together
The new fortress of the gods has been molded better
In the colder weather through the years from the golden era
The heavy chains, Gazelle frames and stolen leathers
Chipped shoulders and Ice grills are cold as ever
The kids take a look call this old school
I got some tools on my belt that they don't use
Look I've been a crook for the hooks and the Pro Tools
We can play this game by the new or the old rules
But don't confuse fate for fear
A longevity for things getting complacent here
Got an affliction in my spear with a case of beer
You can hear it you can see it in my face for years
f*ck luck, we still coming up aces here
With hats on the bed, black cats and breaking mirrors