To a new generation of Americans...

I must put the interest of America first. People have got to know whether or not their president is a crook. I am NOT a crook...

...I'm an American

The United States of America is the demon of the world

I'm a product of America, youth psychotic from narcotics
Born consumers and STD's, yeah I got it
A victim of a media machine, violence and lust
Top to bottom and greedy in between
I'm a menace with big dreams
And no morals to stop me from nuttin'
I gotta get mine, that's why I went and copped me a gun
Police would put me in a cage if they could lock me in one
These dudes would kill me out of jealousy; they'd pop me and run
Shit, I'm bloodthirsty too-- we were raised with foul ways
It's in everything we watch and listen to nowadays
And the younger kids are way more depraved
With a hunger for beef, some'll run around the neighborhood crazed
Land of the free, home of the brave-- my world is a morgue
One day I'll lay alone in a grave, still my dome is enslaved
In the haze of the power I crave
I can't help it, this is how I was raised
(I'm an American)

My synergy's a conspiracy, I hit the scene like spinning guillotines
Villains creep through your village deep while idiots sleep
I'm awake, dominate, annihilate, I violate
Obliterate, incinerate, exterminate, I'm an American
Murder, hate, violence and war, tyrants galore
Riots and more, a violent uproar, the rise of the poor, we monitor all
Everybody signed at the door
So walk out now or you may never survive at all
We murder capitals, turn hometowns to homicides
TNT tinted Econolines
My take on society's beyond the fabrications that they prophesized
Colonize through modern lies
Economize and sodomize
Humanity everyday, vanity scrape
Gravity take hold of your sanity, wait
This is not an exercise, this is real life
Salvage your fate, contaminated planet of hate
The children sing a passage of faith
Lavish taste was a trait of Alexander the Great
Savage grace gravitate to mathematics & space
Like Dr. Malachi when the hidden cameras invade
Get shafted and played like the others these cannibals ate
(I'm an American)

America! America! God shed His grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea
I need a blowjob and a pizza
I'm an American

Ayo my gluttonous nature is imperialistic
I'm completely irrational, I'm unrealistic
Got the right to talk shit, got the right to bear arms
I bring disease, I bring famine with some guns and some bombs
Got my four-horse squad, my lightning rod
I'm in a beef with the Devil, not a fight for God
I'm from the Highland clans, I'm on some stolen lands
The crown jewel in the New World Order plans
Get your quarter cam, place your order, man
Step up right this way to slaughter, lamb
While every one of y'all's freedoms got emancipated
You just surfed on the net and you masturbated
We got hoes, we got thugs, we got sex, we got drugs
We got laws, we got all the right people to break 'em
We got blood, you got oil, you got land we can spoil
We got bigger, better guns, yo I know we can take 'em

Once upon a time in America
There was a hustler holding a Derringer
Wearing a black hoodie and living life like the predator
Hated this life, embarrassed of being alone
The little he knows will get him a past
Assed out with his head blown
It's no living, the land of the lost
Could've been a leader but put on the cross
Needed to push for his cause
Breaking laws, now he's a felon
The system is flawed
Praying to God every day of this life fighting the odds
He wants a piece of the pie, the gleam's in his eye
American dream in his mind, led him astray in his stride
Inside of a cell, he put his whole family through hell
Broken apart, breaking his mother's heart
He started in school when he was on the path to losing his mind
Whatever happened to, "No Child Gets Left Behind