Close encounters with glowing spaceships, explode atmosphere
I found a hole in the Matrix, I'm so outta here
Weights on my ankles like Django Ruckus strings on a banjo
My aura like Vietnam, chapter Panthers with afros
My flow dirty like dope fiends sleeping on benches
A disease infested evil intention feast for the senses
Seen in the trenches reaching for weapons
But soon seen preaching redemption
Society point fingers at the hood and say we animals
That's like the cracked pot calling the kettle the cannibal
We're not the ones that kill millions in illegal wars
Transport billions in cocaine, build prisons and tap phones
We don't need more nines or heaters
We need more "Poor Righteous Teachers"
"Public Enemies" that are scholars and thinkers
Educated in the ways beyond the system
Beyond statistics and analytics and chrome pistols

How sad am I?
When the blind lead the blind
Looking down now
In whirling in darkness
Constructing criminal minds
When the blind lead the blind
Broken down now
And whirling in darkness

Imagine Stevie Wonder leading Ray Charles into The Matrix
Faceless enemies are placed in stasis
I was born and raised to be Brooklyn streetwise
My mother and father reading through The Book of Eli
Unwritten words connected in braille, setup for the epic fail
Rejected bail, Helen Keller sentenced and sent to jail
A prison of darkness, these killers is living heartless

I found out my seeing-eye dog had his eyes gouged out
Matt Murdock was an impaired rebel
Who grew up to be the Daredevil
Paired with a Wolverine who can tear metal
Blindfolded a design for the eyes broken
And Justice prefers to never have her eyes open
Allow me to clarify, Zatoichi swinging the sword of the Samurai
Leading the force with a battle cry
Over the street beats we can play the street piano
Blazing Feliz Navidad, Jose Feliciano

Look at this world that we live in how could you not despair?
What kind of demons and evil we got to box with here
Is there a rhyme or a reason to all this toxic fear?
Is there a time or a season to let the shotgun clear?
Is there a man of God present, or a doctor here?
The scent of death is in the air, I was not prepared
So my nostrils flare, I got a hostile stare
And all these ghosts walking with me, what a cross to bare
How far from the floor is the reach of the rope?
When you step off the stool and hang while it's squeezing your throat
That's the death of a fool but you would drain my peeps of their hope
Poison our souls and went and filled the streets up with dope
The corporations and the media are not above us
Nor are the governments and courts, only God can judge us
This technology is eating our minds
With false Gods it's more of the blind leading the blind