So my lady I cannot quirly explain 
There love was my own in desire and 
I cannot also let you see 
That you were and you are all for me 
Tomorrow we will also get 
That the sun has to rise and to send 
Standing furly on the solid brown 
I'll be looking for and I found... 

To przecież ty jesteś moją lady, 
sumieniem nocy, wschodzącym słońcem co dnia. 
Zapraszam cię znów do moich wspomnień 
w tęczowych barwach, w zapachu bzów. 

There'll be a day and there'll be the time 
When you found the way with turns as fine 
After all, kinds of pleasure, 
Working time and leasure. 
We could feel so much long first time and will be daft 
So it can remain and that won't be again 
In imagination our dreams are sensation 
Let me know my mind love a got a fine 

To przecież ty jesteś moją lady