(Get what I'm saying? Forever!)
Yeah! Kenny Parker in the background! (Forever)
Gimme a little more kick Kenny, Ima about to bounce it like this
Look! Look at him, look at them, look at her
What's about to occur, is what you prefer to occur
While these other rappers sloppily slur
KRS-ONE inspires you to be a street entrepreneur, (forever)
Organize frequencies that advance spirits
So try not to make the mistake again
Of hanging with fakes again
Then comparing them to the ones that created them, (forever)
You should never try to compare me
Unless its to that little kid being held by Holy Mother Mary
I'm a whole different kind of scary
Bring your military, I'll smash you and all your subsidiaries, (forever)
But am I, over your head, You like them others kid
You don't know that you're dead
Its easier, to pass the GED, The G-E-D
Than try to battle me?
I'm down with BDP, you just down with O.P.P.,
I keep planets in orbit, you know, ODB
I'm from E.O., you just a slave to O-E
And you don't even know yourself, how the f**k you gonna know me, (forever)

Knowledge Reign Supreme, Hakim means the wise
But the best part is understanding forever, we will rise
But ya'll stay on ya knees, beggin' please don't squeeze
You thought it was chill to the undercovers that squeeze
Now you all f**ked up, this rap zoo is just a tease
With little young niggas runnin' around, claim to be OG's
Then they only just ice stuck at thirty-two degrees
And they ain't Just-Ice, Kool G Rap, or Ice-T, (forever)
Like the "T" in Terror Squad, we bring the terror hard
If Hip-Hop is a nation, BDP is the national guard
KRS the national god, and I'm like John the Baptist
I'll watch ya niggas up you even think to try to attack this (forever)
The one, thats wassup number one
Only zero comes before, and thats none
The beginning, you can survive with one lung
And even one kidney, no kidding
One, two, three, four, without one
Two, three, and four are no more, done

KRS The One...

(Forever. Do you understand? Forever!)