Girl when I look back on
All of the treasures I've won
They used to shine for me
Now your face is all I see
All I see..
All the fortune in my hand
Can't you see from where I stand
All I need is you..
Dreamin' is all I do
See men holding you
Baby when I look at all I've had
I know that I shouldn't be sad
But you and me were made for love
I know it's written in the stars above
Let the heartache end
And let this love begin
I know you'll see me through
All I need is you.. Instant Song Lyrics
I searched for the light
Find some heat in the night
And though I feel the flame
Without your love it's not the same
It's just not the same..
Standin' here the river's wide
Got to get to the other side
All I want is you..
Play for me your love song
Say you'll be the only one..
Dreamin' is all I do
See men holding you