Party time pass the wine 
Anything goes tonite 
Shoot the moon call the tune 
Nobody's gettin' uptight 

See the girls gettin' on down 
Dancin' and doin' it hot 
Snakey hips sexy lips 
Givin' it all that they've got 

Steppin' outside ready to ride 
The boys are on their way 
Burnin' steel spinnin' wheels 
Better get out of their way 

Never surrender...go all the way 

On a boy's nite out 
On a boy's nite out 
Gonna scream...gonna shout... 
On a boy's nite out 

Dream machine driver's dream 
Take me on this flight 
Worked till noon got her tuned 
Don't let me down tonite 

We're gonna make it 
We're gonna take it 
Take it to the edge tonite 
Follow the noise 
And the boys