The chains are broken 
I'm ready to reveal my life 
You can destroy my body 
But never my soul 

Your tomb is the pain of my suffering 
Stupid ideas keep on killing 
But the void doesn't close my throat 
I am mute to the material world 

Now you can hold death in my hands 
Blind to lies humanity carries your cross 
You are happy to decree death's command 
You are the actor ... 

The world is a stage ! 

The blades of your mind 
Are dense and cold 
My desire dominates 
The paths of my blood 

Look at the lies ! 

The steps of eternity drown you in the future 
You scratch hope's eyes 
With your own hands 

You are the actor ! 

Your evil is that you don't see 
Don't see your own self destruction 
You can torture me a thousand years 
But my mouth you only quiet with death