Baby, baby, baby
I just wanna thank you
Alright now
I've got a reason to smile
I see the sun shinin' today
Chasing all my blues away
Livin' so easy now
(Livin' so easy)
I found the way, I found out how
When she came into my life
I want to make the girl my wife

She gave me love
Gave me her love
(L-O-V-E, love)
All of her love

I just wanna thank you
(Wanna thank you, baby)
For the love you've given me
Girl, my body's shakin'
For your love I'm achin'
Come on now and groove me, yeah
The thought of you just moves me
(Move me, baby, move me)
Come now, stop your waitin'
I'm anticipatin'

Your love
(Gimme your love, gimme your love)
Give me your love
(L-O-V-E, love)
(I want you, I want you)
All of your love...