The core is unstable and the lights are flashing red
I think about a future where there's nothing left
Sounds good to me as I'm nothing at all
Just a shell of a man whose always been lost

Dead to the world but that's the way it should go
What good is life when you wanna see the planet explode into ashes
Where everything dies
Countdown to the meltdown in my mind

Smashing the panels
Send a shock to the system
The sirens blast for a nuclear hell on earth
I answer their calls as the buttons are pushed
The ground is shaking as I walk to meet the sunset
This is the way I wanted it to all end
Find my peace when every living thing is dead

Vaporized life was never that kind
Countdown to the meltdown in my mind

Burn, just let them burn in flame
The ending has come and wouldn't want it no other way
Except in pain for all that I've done
Am I the one to blame?