"Never again," I said as I awoke in my pissed on bed.
Swore off all the booze and the drugs
making me an animal that pukes on the bar and takes off his clothes
and don't give a shit who's gettin' pissed off.
Just when I think I'll be a good man
I start to get thirsty, here's trouble again.

It's time for a bender
Ain't gonna remember
Just a hell of a time
And it happens every night

"We have to ask you to leave"
"Where the hell are my keys?"
"Who's taking me home?"
And it happens every night
It happens every night

Woke up
In the morn to a snoring face of horror
Blacked out so glad don't remember disgusting times we had
and just as my buzz begins to wear off and the evil hangover wants to show up
I crawl to the place I'm always welcome at
because money is green and my liver is black