Through ravines twisting through the bosom of earth
Among fallen rock marking the place of her birth
As we descend to the gut of this realm
Tenuous path trekked with centaur at helm.

’Round the river that boils with hate and spews blood 
down its fiery banks
He does perch with an arrow and bow to ensure that his 
shades do not go
For their depth within this hell connects to the sins for 
which they fell
Tyrannical reign upon mother earth infinitely punished 
for morality dearth.

Tyrannical reign condemned 
For the sins of the state you shall mend
With eternity spent in boiling blood 
Submerged beneath the muck and the mud
Drown in the river in which you are held
The penalty of the tyrant in anguish you dwell
Unspeakable evil on earth you commit
At the mercy of demons you forever sit.

Attila! Dionysus! Alexander The Great!
Flounder in the depths of the river of hell
The crag of the walls begin to quake
As the rocks fall all you hear is a knell 
The bell that seals the fate of these souls
Judgement deciding for whom the bell tolls.