This hatred and anger piercing my mind
Controlling and fueling my hate
Seemingly unstoppable I cannot seem to shake
Disgust and disdain for my own kind

What pathetic creatures should reign
Unfairly blessed by an absent god
To control my societies design
To adopt my hierarchy will fulfill my desires and set 
this earth on my path
And the blood will flow for my vengeful brain cannot 
control its wrath

This troubled life; led all in vain
filled with disgust and utter disdain
for me and all which I share this land.
My life shall be taken by my own mortal hand. 

To spare me from this world of immense pain I will begin 
my suicide reign
Insanity was a gift neglected by my wondering mind
For this dark netherworld for which my sins bring my mind 
could not fathom or find
Putrid smells and scalding air makes skin bubble and 
For this wretched land has not the luxury of Mother Earth