Hell holds the sands in vast distant plain outside the 
fathom of men
Where the rains do pour on this desert land in the 
shape of flame
As ashes swirl and suffocate the air they burn all that 
is below
Here lies the violent against pure creed contained by 
rivers that flow

They must walk, an endless struggle to find relief for 
their bodies that burn
Melted among flesh and bone, their cries of torment are 
Disfigured and anguished the souls of these sinners 
must trek across the sands
Repeating on deaf ears their pain laden wails of the 
eternally damned

Barraters of all that is good must pay for their sins 
against god
Earthly time spent berating the hordes who worship his 
Siding with the pagans and denouncing the almighty. 
Persecuting those who serve religion so blindly

The Evil is creeping distributing propaganda at will. 
Spreading lies that lead to disease of the moral bill
Upon the stars that we gaze sits the marks of all time 
Crimes against these truths leave betrayers in eternal 

Sodomites wonder in groups tied together wallowing in 
Their crimes betray the tenets set at the time the 
earth began
Treachery against god's art must be engulfed in fire. 
From the sky it falls gusting from the peaks of his 
epic spire